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November 30, 2015 / fionamakes

Fabric shopping in Hanoi

Wow, I’ve been super swamped by life lately so I’ve had to step back from sewing and blogging in the past couple of weeks. School preparations for next year, a gymnastics competition in Hong Kong, and a short excursion to Hanoi have left me with little free time. But I now have a breather of a couple of weeks before we take off for our family vacation so I’m hopeful I can catch up on the blogging front. 

I thought I’d share a little about the fabric shopping part of my trip to Hanoi just this past weekend. We decided to check out Ninh Hiep fabric market, which we were told is more of a wholesale market so prices would be significantly cheaper than elsewhere. We had a couple of local Vietnamese friends to help us in getting there. 

Some scenes as we walked to the market after the taxi dropped us off. It’s not immediately obvious how to get there so I was very glad to have our local guides! 

Once you get in the market, it’s just rows and rows of fabric shops. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed so I didn’t get a good picture. But I did buy two pieces of fabric at a steal. 

The quilted knit was less than USD4.50 a meter while the cotton lace was less than USD3 a meter. They were too good to pass up!

Later that day, I walked over to Hang Bo in the Old Quarter, which is where we were staying. Hang Bo is basically their sewing street. I saw all manner of sewing notions from thread snips to interfacing to zippers.

There were also a lot of buttons. Seriously. 

I also made my way to Dong Xuan market, which is a huge market selling everything from dried foods to toys and souvenirs, to fabric on the second floor! I chose two pieces of striped knit. Prices here are higher than at Ninh Hiep market, but Dong Xuan really is a lot easier to get to. 

I’m thinking maybe a couple of Maritime knit tees for these! 

I really liked Hanoi, more than I expected to. The local people are very friendly and helpful. We attended a cooking class and a leather craft workshop, and both were great experiences. I also learnt what a silkworm and a fried patty of river worms taste like. Can’t say that I’d recommend those but apart from that, Hanoi was fantastic!



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