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October 12, 2015 / fionamakes

Butterfly skirt and blouse

Hello, friends! I’ve been putting off blogging for a few days because I’ve been finding it hard to get good photos! For the past few weeks, we’ve been blanketed under a haze, so we have really had to minimize any time outdoors. So I’ve decided that indoor pics will have to do for now. 

When L turned six at the end of September, I decided to try out Oliver and S’ Butterfly blouse and skirt. I think I bought this during an online sale a while ago, and L’s birthday was just the excuse I needed to get to it! (L probably has the biggest wardrobe of all the children, I recently realized, because not only did she have what I’ve been sewing up for her, she’s also inherited her older sister’s handmade hand-me-down wardrobe!) 

As always with Oliver and S patterns, I found that everything went together nicely. The instructions were detailed enough without being overly verbose. 

I really love that cute gathered peplum on the top, it’s such a nice detail. The blouse fabric is just a poplin (from Spotlight long ago) with little rainbow dots all over. 

And that skirt fabric! It’s a cotton twill and I spotted it at Toraya in Osaka when we were there on vacation in November last year. I circled the bolt many times before getting just 1 meter. I’m really glad that it was more than enough for this skirt! 

I decided to make a size 6, as L was turning six. But as I was sewing, I stared to have serious doubts about that size because everything was looking so big! I was pretty sure L would be swimming in it! Ugh! But she isn’t. I know the whole outfit has room for her to grow but it isn’t so big that it’s unwearable. How did she get so big?? 

One last shot of the birthday girl with her birthday brownies. (My children don’t do birthday cake!) 




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  1. teri dodds / Oct 14 2015 12:26 am

    I absolutely love these two fabrics together! Those cats are beyond adorable. I sort of wish I had a skirt made from them. Is it a problem that I am envious of a 6 year old’s wardrobe? I think I will be getting this pattern for Caroline next summer!

    • fionamakes / Oct 14 2015 1:24 am

      Haha! I have a little piece of those cats left for maybe a pair of girls shorts so it’s not the last you’ll see of them! And yes, Caroline would be super cute in this pattern.

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