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August 24, 2015 / fionamakes

Double gauze Moon pants

E still is devoted to leggings but I’ve finally managed to increase her options with these pants! 

  These are Made by Rae’s Moon pants pattern. These pants that I made have an elastic waist, moon pockets and an elastic hem. 
And now that I’ve looked at the pattern, I’ve realized that I made an exact copy of a version that Rae has on her website! It must have registered subconsciously, because I don’t remember deliberately setting out to make a copy! The fabric is Cotton and Steel double gauze. 

I really like the crescent-shaped pockets. They’re a very unique shape. 

Truth be told, these pants have been hanging in E’s closet for a few months now. I initially went for the flat band option for the hem of the pants. But when she tried them on, they were way too long for her. I baulked at the thought of unpicking double gauze so I told her she could just grow into them. The poor girl would then take out her pants every couple of weeks to try them on in the vain hope that she’s grown enough! Ha! Mommy guilt eventually made me cut off the hem bands. I folded up 1/2″, then 1″ and inserted 3/4″ elastic. Now the length of perfect for her! 

She does love them, so I’m glad they are getting put to use at last. And they must be comfortable, since that double gauze is as soft as a cloud. The waistband dips down slightly in the front, which is perfect for E since she likes to wear her pants a little lower down. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was that the waistband isn’t cut as a separate piece, but is just folded down to form a casing. But that’s just a personal preference. 

Happy girl in her moon pants!



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  1. teri dodds / Aug 25 2015 2:29 am

    These are such cute pants! I am quite sure I would look like a clown in pants like this but I secretly wish I could wear them, too! Maybe I should make myself some double gauze pajama pants instead.

    • fionamakes / Aug 25 2015 2:32 am

      Heehee! Thanks, Teri! But yes, sadly I think it’s one of those garment where you’d have to be young and cute to pull off. I certainly couldn’t!

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