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July 29, 2015 / fionamakes

Sewing basics

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but E really is very picky with what she wears. If I want her to wear what I make, then I have to sew only with knits. 

She was in need of a red top with National day coming up fast. We have a couple of events to attend where we are encouraged to wear our national colors of red and white. Good thing I had to foresight to snap up this red bamboo jersey from Chinatown the last time I was there! This jersey is very soft to the touch and pretty drapey too, as far as jerseys go. 

I decided to give the Oliver and S School Bus tee a try. I purchased the whole bundle of basic Oliver and S tee patterns for the whole family during a sale some time ago, figuring that I’d get around to using them eventually. 

I made a couple of small modifications to get the look I wanted. First off, even though I cut a size 8 for E, I used the cutting line for size 10 at the hem. E almost always wears leggings, so I wanted her tee to be more of a tunic length. The second modification I made was to increase the width of the pattern, again, this was because I was going for more of a tunic-look. Following the directions on the Oliver and S blog, I widened the pattern at the bottom by a total of 1″. This translates to an increase of a total of 4″ around the lower part of the bodice, while keeping the shoulder width unchanged. 

 I added a little pocket after finishing the tee because it looked like it needed a little detail. 
Her leggings are the Oliver and S Playtime leggings. Not much to add here, I can’t remember how many leggings I’ve made up using this pattern. I’m pretty sure there must be a couple at least that have gone unblogged. They fit my girls great. For E, I used a size 8, and added an inch to the length. The fabric is a Riley Blake knit. 

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  1. teri dodds / Jul 31 2015 12:00 am

    That’s a really cute outfit! I like the little strawberry pocket detail a lot.

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