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March 5, 2015 / fionamakes

Leggings and a Field Trip raglan

Now that I’m done with sewing ‘fancier’ outfits for the kids, it’s time to move on to a few things that they need! I realized some time in January that my girls were growing out of their leggings, so new ones had to be made. 

I used the Playtime leggings pattern from Oliver and S. They had a sale some time in January so I picked up the pattern then. 

This is, by far, E’s favorite pair of leggings. She’d wear these all the time if she could. The fabric is an Art Gallery knit. It really is very soft and so feels lovely against the skin. I used E’s measurements and sewed up a size 8, with one inch added in length. They fit pretty much perfectly. 

I think this was her most enthusiastic response ever to something I made for her! 

Since I was on a roll, it wasn’t hard to make another. This time, I used a Lisette jersey from Spotlight. 

Sadly, she was considerably less enthused about this pair. I like the print and color a lot because I think it’ll go with a lot more tops. But, as I think there isn’t any spandex in this knit, it’s less comfortable. I’m not sure it’ll get worn. She really is the pickiest girl! 

While I had the twin needle out, I decided to give the Field Trip raglan tee a go too. The Heather Ross jersey was a remnant piece that’s now all gone, and I used a solid white jersey for the sleeves. I also adjusted the hem to make a slight hi-lo hem. I haven’t figured out if she’ll wear it yet! I do like how it’s a unisex pattern, so I’ll probably be making more of these raglan tees. 

Another pair of Playtime leggings in Aqua Lisette jersey for L. Her response was, “Oh, so cute! They’re perfect, mama!” She made me feel much better! 

I want to make her some more! 


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