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February 9, 2015 / fionamakes


So a long time ago, quite early on into when I first started sewing, I made the Violet blouse. (I have the paper pattern instead of the PDF, which is an indicator of how long ago that was.) I don’t even have pictures of the blouse anymore. It was in a navy floral Japanese lawn from Spotlight. I hardly knew anything about fit adjustments and was just chuffed to have made a blouse from start to finish. Then I got ambitious. Or maybe, lazy. The last step to finish the blouse was the buttonholes. And I decided that I wanted to put in snaps.

I had a bunch of snaps (also from Spotlight) but they required hammering in! Onward anyway! I definitely remember making a huge racket trying to hammer in those snaps. And they lasted only a few wears. Those snaps came apart and left noticeable holes behind in the fabric. I had to give up the blouse.

Well, I finally got around to the Violet blouse again. The first one is in a green floral cotton from Chinatown. It doesn’t have much drape but I like the floral print a lot. I think the color is quite unusual.


The fit is, well, not so great. It looks pretty boxy. But you might notice I did pearl snaps again. This time I knew better and used a pair of proper snap pliers from Clover.

This is the second one, after making a small bust adjustment.


It feels much better. The fabric is a white stretch shirting and a navy lawn from Chinatown.


I like this much better. Plastic mother-of-Pearl buttons to finish it off.


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