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January 27, 2015 / fionamakes

The Mulberry tunic and After School pants

Another outfit for the daughter, before I get around to blogging about something I made for myself.

The Mulberry tunic was another pattern I purchased during last year’s Thanksgiving sale when it was half off. What sold me on the pattern was that it was for both boys and girls. More bang for my buck!


This was another one of my attempts to make some dressier outfits for my daughter. I know it’s not that dressy, but I think it’s still a step above her usual t-shirts and leggings!

E is very particular about the type of fabrics that I use when I sew for her. I have learnt the hard way that quilting cottons are out of the question! So, I specifically purchased this double gauze from Osaka. It’s called Muddy Works by Tomotate.


Success! She’s been raving about how soft it is.


I was on the fence about the sleeve tabs but decided to add them in the end because the tunic reminded me too much of a hospital gown without them! I made a size 8 for my almost-nine-year-old, but lengthened the tunic at the hem by about an inch. (In retrospect, I think this wasn’t necessary for her.)

The neckline is bound with store bought bias tape. And I skipped topstitching the plackets down – the buttonholes and buttons are holding them down. The instructions have you topstitch after attaching the bottom panel, which was quite counter-intuitive to me. It’d be a lot easier to topstitch first, then attach the bottom panel. That’s what I’d do when I make this up for my son.


I left off the side seam pockets since she’ll be wearing the tunic with pants that already have pockets.


I made another small change at the back. Instead of a box pleat, I made an inverted box pleat, because I thought it’d look more feminine. I’d keep it as a box pleat when I make it for a boy.

E’s pants are the After School pants. This is the third time I’ve made up this pattern. E still wears her pants from last year even though they are getting short. The best part was fitting all the pattern pieces on a last bit of denim that I had. Sewing win!


I added purple topstitching wherever I could to girly-fy the pants since I didn’t add the ruffles that are part of one version of the pattern. The pocket lining is from a scrap of Lisette twill.


And the finishing touch is a little owl patch that we found in Japan. She has a thing for owls…



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  1. Teri / Jan 27 2015 2:48 am

    That top is so cute! I was considering ordering some of that fabric in the reddish color way for myself but I haven’t done it yet. I need to work through what I’ve got first, but I may get some of it eventually.

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