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December 13, 2014 / fionamakes

A sewing-related travel souvenir

Going on a holiday, while fun, always makes me lose all kinds of momentum. Sewing has still been pretty much non-existent, even though I have about eight or nine projects ready to go in my head.
So, as a filler post, I thought I’d share my favorite travel souvenir so far. Whenever we travel, I try to purchase at least one piece of fabric to keep as a souvenir. But while in Kyoto, I managed to do better!
Some time after returning from my first trip to Kyoto a couple of years ago, I chanced upon this article. It had me intrigued and a little bummed that I had read about it too late. Naturally, visiting Misuya-Bari was high up on my list this time round. How could I not visit a shop that has been making sewing needles since the Edo period?
Almost every blogpost I’ve read has mentioned how difficult it is to find. And it’s true. In the end, I found this blogpost most useful for locating Misuya-Bari. In particular, I spotted the shop with the pink and white striped awning in the main shopping arcade first, and only then did I notice the shop sign for Misuya-Bari.


We had to walk down a little alley.


Then we were greeted with a small Japanese garden, with a tiny shop.


This is what it looks like inside.

So much goodness.

Since I had some bored kids waiting for me, I had to make my picks quickly.

New thread snips with a chirimen fabric case, some embroidery needles, sewing pins with animal or flower heads and a travel-size sewing kit which had needles, thread, a pair of mini snips and a tiny pincushion. All that fits into a little wooden box.

So so satisfied!


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  1. Kathryn / Dec 19 2014 1:01 pm

    What an interesting little place! I’m in love with your new pins, so sweet!

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