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November 6, 2014 / fionamakes

Geometry Top

A couple of blog posts ago, I mentioned that I was working on the Geometry top. Here it is, done!


I love the final product, even if getting here was quite a process! (This was View A.) It’s a loose and very comfortable top. The pattern recommends using drapey fabrics – the colorful front and back pieces were cut from a rayon I bought from forever ago. I’d made it into a maxi skirt, but it hardly ever gets worn now, so I decided it would get more use if I cut it up and remade it into something else. The triangular side inserts, shoulder yoke and sleeves are a black cotton viscose, bought locally from Chinatown.


This is actually my second iteration. The first was too big. There’s quite a bit of ease included in the pattern, so when I cut according to my bust measurement, the top felt too big. I went down two sizes in the end. The pattern does include the finished measurements of each size. I wish I had cut according to that rather than bust size.


I found the sleeve piece to be too big as well, not sure why that was. In the end, I matched it up to the bodice and had to trim of the excess. It still fit fine.

I really do like the angles on the bodice. Then again, I do have a fondness from geometric shapes. I’m very happy with it and will probably give the other views a go too.

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