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September 27, 2014 / fionamakes

L’s birthday

So we have a tradition in our family of throwing one big birthday do each year. The other kids get to celebrate their birthdays within our family, of course, but to have a big party where they get to invite friends, my kids have to take turns. This year, it was the baby’s turn!

The baby who is now five years old. It occurred to me today that this will be my last five-year-old party. And that makes me feel both happy and sad.

L started out being pretty ambivalent about having a birthday party though, much to her siblings’ disbelief. They’ve spent the past few weeks trying to change her mind and in the end, she decided that she wanted to have two neighbour friends over. (“Just two?!” was the refrain from the others!)


L got a mama-made birthday dress, naturally. This is the Hide and Seek dress from Oliver and S, in a size 5, so it’s hanging a little loose on her. Her favorite color is now blue, evidently!


She picked out the buttons for the back herself!


And I added a little bit of crochet lace to the seam line between the yoke and skirt. The dress also has cute little welt pockets. They completely blend in my blue fabric!

For a birthday party craft, I prepared shrinky plastic so that the girls could make keychains, necklaces or brooches.


It was a hit!

And to store their newly made treasures, I made a little pouch bag for each of them. Tutorial from here.


I do love these little pouches. They are each made from just one piece of square cloth, which is folded and flipped and sewn down to make these cute little bags. The fabrics were leftovers from other projects. I made them in two sizes, the smaller one was 16″ square, and the slightly bigger one was 18″ square. This was solely dictated by the amount of fabric I had.


The girls were pretty taken with the secret pocket to store their treasures. And they didn’t believe that I’d made them, until my girls convinced them by showing them my sewing room! It was pretty funny! Updated to add: I found out the next day that our two guests were so taken with their little pouch bags, they toted them around all day!

All in all, it was a success. L declared it the best birthday, and she was worn out at bedtime!

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