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May 2, 2014 / fionamakes

Essential shorts, two ways

I am not usually very quick to purchase new sewing patterns. I have a healthy number of patterns already, not all of which I’ve used. But I made purchase of this sewing pattern very quickly. I am always in need of comfortable shorts that fit well, but that aren’t too short, because of the tropical climate I live in. And most ready-to-wear shorts fit me poorly.

I made two pairs – one in a blue linen, that wrinkles like mad, and another in a cotton sateen remnant that I had left after making a pair of Parsley pants for my younger son. For both pairs, I left off the front ties; I didn’t think I’d need them. Inserting the elastic was a bit fiddly because they just go in the back waistband. In the end, I left two gaps at both side seams, threaded the elastic through and then sewed the gaps closed.

I also decided to interface the front waistband so that it wouldn’t be too floppy and fold over on itself. It still does, but it’s not too bad I think. The other thing that was different for me were the pockets. I usually make pockets that have a pocket bag, which is what you’d see in ready-to-wear pieces but in these shorts the pocket piece is stitched onto the front leg pieces, so there isn’t a pocket bag per se. As a result, these pockets are less, well, sturdy, somehow. But they do add less bulk.




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