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April 27, 2014 / fionamakes

Wiksten Tova meets Dear Stella

Everything here has been in my stash for a while so it felt good to pull these out and make some use of them!

I have the paper version of the Wiksten Tova pattern even though I always prefer PDFs because back when I bought this pattern, paper versions were all there were! And this Dear Stella print has been hanging out in my stash for a while. It’s a quilting cotton so I have to be careful about which sewing pattern I use; otherwise it can turn out quite stiff and boxy looking.

I’m pleased with how this turned out though!


I shortened and narrowed the sleeves, using the sleeve pattern from my Colette Laurel top for the length and width of the sleeve. I also had to shorten the top by three inches! I’m short!

Sewing the front insert to the rest of the bodice is a little tricky but the rest of the top is easy enough to put together. I am super proud of the band collar! It’s my best band collar ever (previous versions were on the Oliver and S Sketchbook shirt, and those turned out ok so long as you don’t scrutinize the collar!). The topstitching on this collar looks really neat. The sewing instructions didn’t call for interfacing on the collar but I will probably add it on my next (sleeveless) version, which is already cut out and ready to go! I think a lightweight interfacing will add just a touch more structure. I’ve been thinking about how to modify the sleeve opening a little to make a sleeveless version that I will finish with bias tape.


And this is it on me.

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