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March 23, 2014 / fionamakes

Denim After School Pants

The first time I made Oliver and S’s After School pants, I fell in love. The pants just looked so well finished with those side panels, and there are pockets both in front and the back. I put it down on my to-sew list for my older daughter, who has a well-loved pair of denim pants that are getting way too short for her.

When I showed her the earlier pair I’d made, she was less than enthused. “But they’re boy pants,” she protested. Determined to forge ahead, I promised I would try to girl-ify them.

I used a lovely lightweight denim that I found in Chinatown. It has a really nice drape and is soft enough that I thought E wouldn’t be able to complain that they weren’t comfortable. I cut out a size 7 for her, even though she’s already 8. And they still turned out too long so I had to chop off some of the length in the end.


I think the pants look great. A little on the big side for her but if I made everything just to her size, they wouldn’t last very long, would they?! They look so comfortable I wish I had a pair for myself.


This was the girly part. Pockets lined with some leftover Lisette lawn and a little iron-on mermaid patch, that I’m crossing my fingers will hold up in the wash, since that’s E’s favorite part of the pants.

Her complaints? That the leg opening is too wide. She’d really rather have something that’s a lot more close-fitting to her leg.


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  1. Ruth / Mar 27 2014 10:04 am

    They look great – and your daughter is very sweet 🙂

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