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February 20, 2014 / fionamakes

Brazilian Cheese Bread

The weather has been uncomfortably hot. Afternoons are especially bad because the sun pours into the bedrooms. On top of that, the air-conditioning in our study (where my sewing machine lives) has died and it’ll take the repair guys a couple of weeks to figure out where the problem lies.

All this to say, there has been very little sewing happening in my house because it is just too uncomfortable. So there has been baking instead.

I have a surfeit of tapioca flour in my pantry, bought for some preschool activity that I can’t remember now. So I made Brazilian cheese bread. Super easy, everything is whizzed up in a blender, then baked in a mini cupcake pan.


Really, the only reason I’m blogging about this is because my kids LOVE these cheese puffs. I’ve baked them three times in as many days.

My only amendment to the recipe is that even though it says they don’t reheat well, I’ve found that a quick two-minute toast in the toaster oven works great. They get a little more brown and crispy on the outside which is only an improvement for the hungry mouths in my home.




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  1. mydearbakes / Feb 20 2014 10:45 am

    Very brilliant looking bake! Looks very delicious too! =)

    • fionamakes / Feb 21 2014 1:31 am

      Thanks for checking out the blog! They are great! And being so easy to make is a plus!

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