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February 14, 2014 / fionamakes

A Valentine’s day Pavlova

Around Valentine’s day every year, I always have a whole lot of egg whites sitting around in my fridge, left over from my mum’s Chinese New Year baking. (She bakes a whole lot of kueh lapis every year – and each cake has something like 20 egg yolks.)

So last year, it finally occurred to me that I could make a pavlova for dessert on Valentine’s day (actually with the amount of egg whites I had, I could have made several). So I did, and the kids loved it so much, they seemed to just inhale it. It’s now a Valentine’s day tradition in our family.

Sidenote: the husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s day. We tried going out once years ago but were surrounded by awkward lovey dovey couples throughout dinner. Never again. He now just brings back a couple of steaks to cook for us. More than a couple, now that the older kids have decided that they’d like some steak too. And I do dessert.


This year’s pavlova top cracked, which distressed me somewhat. But no one else cared.


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