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January 28, 2014 / fionamakes

Kids Clothes Week #1: Hopscotch skirt

I have had the Oliver and S Hopscotch skirt on my sewing list for the longest time but had held off on purchasing the pattern because my younger daughter, L, the one who actually loves skirts, was growing out of the lower size range. Her older sister was at that time firmly anti-skirt! Happily, she has changed her mind so I decided to strike while the iron was hot and quickly purchased the bigger size range. L is still too little but I think I should be able to make her a size 5 by the later half of the year.

So this skirt is for E, who turns 8 in a few days. I used her measurements and sewed up a size 7 though. I pulled this blue printed quilting cotton out of my stash. It must have been on clearance because I bought it in three different colourways!


The busy-ness of the print doesn’t show off those gorgeous take-out-box pockets very well but E likes the skirt so I’ll consider it a win. Those little plastic buttons were bought for a shirt that never materialized, so here they are instead. The buttons are seen down through both plackets; because of the elastic in the back of the skirt, E can pull it on without having to undo any buttons.


Pattern: Oliver and S Hopscotch skirt, size 7
Fabric: quilting cotton from Spotlight


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