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January 22, 2014 / fionamakes

Hula hooping

It’s the Chinese New Year next Friday! Since it is tradition that one must be decked out in new clothes (for the first day, at least!), I have been madly sewing new outfits for the children.

This skirt is actually one that won’t be worn on Chinese New Year. E has been seeing new items appearing in her wardrobe and is dying to get into them. I finally relented with this skirt. I needed to get her off my back! She has to wait until next week for everything else though.

This is the Oliver and S Hula Hoop skirt pattern, made in a size 7. I kind of wish I had gone with an 8, because the length looks just about right on her now, so it probably won’t last all that long. The fabric is from Spotlight’s clearance table forever ago – it’s a printed drill, with a lemon yellow lawn on the other side. (Sidenote: I’m on a fabric fast, so I’ve been sewing only from my stash.) The skirt was really quick and easy to put together.

In a happy coincidence, E has been in a skirt-wearing phase so she was raring to put this on.




Spot the lady bug?

Pattern: Oliver and S Hula Hoop skirt, size 7
Fabric: remnant piece of printed drill from Spotlight



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  1. connie.n.w. / Jan 22 2014 2:46 pm

    hey fiona! you’re the coolest mom; i’m sure your daughter appreciates your hard work. if not now, then definitely later. my mom used to make clothes for my sister and i when we didn’t have a lot of money when i was a toddler. i cherish it now more that ever, decades later. happy chinese new year! connie

    • fionamakes / Jan 23 2014 12:53 am

      Oh, thanks for the kind words, Connie! I figure I’d better make them clothes while they’re still willing to wear it!

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