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January 6, 2014 / fionamakes

City shorts

I first saw this pair of shorts here. And then I promptly headed over to the Another Dress blog to get my copy of the pattern!

This is my version in a purply-blue linen blend. (Oh, it just occurred to me that the colour is very much like one of the walls in my hall. When we picked out the paint, it was called French Orchid.) Full disclosure: this French Orchid pair is the second one I cut out. The first pair from a remnant piece of a sweet floral twill met its demise in an accident with my serger.


I love that front yoke with the gathers below. Sewing it was a little tricky though; don’t look to closely at the topstitching. I figured that L would love the pockets. To sweeten the deal even more, I added a little surprise in them.


L is 4 already, and when I sew for her from Japanese sewing patterns I use a size 100. That’s the size this pattern came in, so I thought it should fit well.


And they do fit great! Unfortunately she doesn’t like them! There was bribery involved to get her to put them on. I’m hoping that when I give her a pink top to wear together with the shorts, she’ll be more cooperative!

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