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December 28, 2013 / fionamakes

A Laurel muslin

I took advantage of Colette Patterns’ Thanksgiving sale to buy the Laurel dress and blouse pattern, and have only just gotten around to trying it out.


I’d been vacillating about whether or not to get the pattern since it was released and I finally jumped because of the sale!

I decided to use this cream with navy polka dots fabric that I got from Chinatown. It wasn’t too expensive and I wasn’t that attached to the fabric so I thought it’d be okay to use for a muslin. I had some trouble with inserting the sleeves. When I first learned to insert sleeves, I learned to do them the flat way and ever since then, I always trip up with inserting sleeves in the round. There are a few small puckers that I couldn’t get rid of and they bug me!

Notwithstanding that, I was pretty happy with how the top turned out in the end. I like the elbow-length sleeves, and I like how comfortable the top feels without being too billowy.


There were a couple of little people who wanted to get in on the photo!


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