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December 18, 2013 / fionamakes

A modified Sketchbook pants


It’s hard figuring out what to sew for boys. Unlike girls who have such a big variety of clothing options laid out before them, boys have shirts and shorts or pants.

But I remember the first time I finished an Oliver and S Sketchbook shorts for one of my boys. I was so pleased because it looked so nicely finished with the pockets, and pleats, and the separate waistband piece. I’ve since lost count for the number of iterations of Sketchbook shorts or pants (which I make by just lengthening the shorts pattern pieces) I’ve made.

We are spending our family vacation in Taiwan this year and just a week before we were due to leave I found myself short of a couple of pairs of long pants for the colder weather – one for my oldest and one for my youngest. After spending some time (frantically) scanning through the kids pants patterns that I have and ruling out those that needed tracing because of my time crunch, I landed on the Sketchbook shorts.

I had the size 3 all traced out because I’d used it for my younger boy a couple of years ago. To ‘girly-fy’ the shorts, I changed the one pleat on each shorts front to three little tucks. And I hid a little rainbow in each pocket. (She was unimpressed though – wanted them to be on the outside!




Pattern: Oliver and S Sketchbook short, lengthened, 3T
Fabric: remnant denim leftover from a skirt of mine

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