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November 14, 2013 / fionamakes

A lavender eye mask, and some beanbags

One of the quirks of my littlest girl is that every once in a while, she’ll insist on sleeping with a cold ice pack (wrapped in her Hello Kitty towel, no less!). The first time I caught sight of her sleeping with the eye mask over her face, I was pretty much overcome with the giggles.

Anyway, the ice pack that we have is eons old and the plastic wrapper has slowly been peeling off, so I thought it was high time I made her one. I found lavender flowers (in a little shop cart that sold floral teas), and basically put it on my to do list. Where it stayed for quite a while.

Two days ago, I found myself having to whip up 8 beanbags, and that gave me the final push I needed to make the eye mask.

The one with the channels is my second attempt; I like it just because the rice and lavender flowers inside don’t just all fall to the sides.


The eye masks can be microwaved to become a hot pack, but they live in my freezer now, ready for whenever someone gets a bump that needs an ice pack, or when a little girl needs some pampering to fall asleep.

Oh, and those beanbags? They’re headed to a kids carnival that our church missions team is running for a children’s home in Indonesia.


I used fabric scraps I had lying around and filled them with rice. A lesson I learnt from my first attempt with beanbags a few years ago. I filled them with beans but after a few months, they started to give off a rather, erm, beany smell.


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