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October 11, 2013 / fionamakes

Sewing for birthdays

At the start of almost every October I congratulate myself on the fact that we don’t do Halloween in Singapore, so I don’t have to sew up four different Halloween costumes.

Then this month, I find myself sewing a costume.

The kids have been invited to a birthday party next week for a sister and brother. They are old friends, all the kids used to go to the same preschool. Even though we’re not all in the same school anymore, we catch up at their birthday parties.

The little boy is the same age is my younger boy, so I tried to think of what my son would like. Superheroes, of course!

I used this pattern but made the cape slightly bigger. It’s also reversible: Batman on one side and Super Noah on the other. (Noah got a cape and mask of his own too!)



Super Noah’s superpower is … saving animals from obliteration!

For the birthday girl, I made up a reversible child-size apron, which will be gifted with a baking set and a little girls’ baking recipe book that I stumbled upon.


The apron is trimmed with a fabric that has little carrots, radishes and corn cobs all over – a nod to the fact that their family is vegetarian!


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